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There Is Another Sky

Sponsored by the Peter S. Reed Foundation
Wednesday, April 17, 2013 | 7:00 pm
Chapel of the Holy InnocentsBard College
Hudson Valley season finale — join us for an after-party following the show!

For rising, for snowfallen Novembers, for when beyond such a static downpouring from somewhere deep within the parts in you that flow there becomes an ineffable weightlessness, for rising, for rising, towards non-gravitational worlds and different timedreams, above above above, (eyes close) when somewhere there is a place — somewhere in between blinks — where the ocean is placid beneath thunderheads, and the undisturbed sand bleeds an almost imaginary green into the inaudible tumblings of occasional whitecaps. The sea floor is always rising in one direction, but there is no beach. A wooden train track runs across the top of the water, sometimes slightly submerged by a wayward but gentle singularity, all the way to the horizon on either side. Small pillows of smoke caress distant thunderstorms and train horns are only audible next to such silence. Muted lightning and the slanted blur of rain, like water spilled onto a canvas, provide direction in such directionlessness. Somewhere beyond your own weight, beyond this flooding, this soft twirling, somewhere beyond these midnights there is another sky.

— Dylan Mattingly

David Bloom: (b. 1990): Beacon (2012)
world premiere, Contemporaneous commission
George Tsontakis (b. 1951): Melville Pilot (2008)
John Halle (b. 1959): The Twist (1999)
Dylan Mattingly (b. 1991): There Is Another Sky (2011)
world premiere, revised version

— Intermission —

John AdamsSkaher Loops (1978, rev. 1982)

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