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Contemporaneous VISIONARIES

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We would like to invite you to become a Contemporaneous VISIONARY. By making a monthly contribution, you will help sustain the innovative work of Contemporaneous and will be given special access to our works-in-progress from initial conception through to completion.

One of the most exciting aspects of what we do as musicians is to witness first-hand the wonder of a new piece of music coming into being — from first idea, through months or years of hard work, culminating in a collective experience of sound and sight and motion in performance. Contemporaneous VISIONARIES will be instrumental in sustaining this work, and we will welcome you into the studio to share an up-close view of the miracle that is at the heart of what we do.

To become a Contemporaneous VISIONARY, simply pledge to a tax-deductible monthly contribution, and we will bring you with us to the cutting edge of creation. (One-time donations to Contemporaneous are also greatly appreciated.)

Membership Levels

All VISIONARIES will be recognized on our website. Membership donations are 100% tax deductible and are paid automatically each month.

EXPLORER — $10 per month

Become an member at this level and receive:

  • A downloadable recording of an excerpt from every Contemporaneous presentation

  • For each new Contemporaneous commission, a personal video from the composer telling you about their plans for the new work that you’ve helped bring to life

ADVENTURER — $25 per month

Become a member at this level and receive:

  • Invitations to a private rehearsal, where new works are brought to vivid life

  • All of the above benefits

TRAILBLAZER — $50 per month

Become a member at this level and receive:  

  • Invitation to a private meet and greet with a featured composer and artistic directors of Contemporaneous

  • All of the above benefits

Why become a Contemporaneous VISIONARY? Because you believe in the value of what Contemporaneous has done over the past eight years, and you can imagine a future that is still unwritten. Because you see beyond the moment, beyond the daily grind, to a brighter future that you want to help us bring into being. Because you share our vision of vital, essential, life-affirming new music. Working together, what we envision today can be brought to life tomorrow.


Samuel Adams
Silvia Alexim Nunes
René Allain
Michele Araujo
Gloria Avner
Katherine Balch
Amy Bartscherer
Karen Bartscherer & David Israel
Thomas Bartscherer
Eve Beglarian
Albert Behar
Nicole Belmont
Jen Biener
Betsy and William Bird
David Bloom
Kathie and Martin Bloom
Ethan Braun
Owen Brown
Ben Brubaker
Dashon Burton
Christopher Caines
Lydia Chapin
Yi-ching Chen
Jody Cormack
Jamie and Celie Cowin
Conrad Cummings
Aaron Davidman
Ann Davidman
Hannah Davidman
Colin Davin
Daniel Thomas Davis
Beth Dawson
Vivian de Rivero Barreto
Gayatri Devi

Stephen Dreyfuss
Laura Duchnicki
Kim and Bob Evans
Beatrice Farber
Jim Farber
Barbara and Rob Fisher
Sarah Fisher
Freda Flax
Robert Flynt
Andrew Frank
Joshua Frankel
Russel Frehling
John Gertz
Ann and Jordan Gervin
Christopher Gibbs
Keith Gleason
Marsha Grey
Stephanie Griffin
Marcie Gunnell
Marka Gustavsson & John Halle
Janet Miller Haines
Karen and Bill Haines
Baxter Harris
Michael Head
Molly Herron
Jeremy Hirsch
Jan Hollander
Matthew Hughes
Russ Irwin
Christopher Jennings
Aaron Jay Kernis
Homai Khan
Eric Klein

Daniel Kochersberger
Robert Kochersberger
Lydia Kontos
Lawrence Kramer
Cornelia LaRussa
Jane Lenoir
Daniel Linden
Adlyn Loewenthal
Dylan Mattingly
Lucy and George Mattingly
Joe Mattingly
Jinty McTavish
Tina Mitchell
Theodore Moore
Donald Nally & Stephen Hyder
Alan G. Neumann
New Music USA
Kevin Newbury
Silvia Nunes
Deborah O’Grady
Lawrence Osgood
LaDene Otsuki
Barbara Kochersberger Pagels
Vasudevan Panicker
Nancy Patten
Nico Pemantle
Vince Peterson
Brian Petuch
Alan Pierson
Lillian Pliner
Michael Pratt
Andrea Profili
Elkhanah Pulitzer
Phillip Rashkin

Eleanor Ray
Tricia Reed
Nicholas Reilingh
Marianne Rendón
Beth Martin Riley
Melissa Jane Riley
Peter Robles
Jamie Romm
James Rosenfield
Susan Scheid
Margaret and Neal Schmale
Michael Schmale
Eric Schmale
Jeremy Schonfeld
Finnegan Shanahan
Janet Stetson and Danny Shanahan
Aaron Siegel
Josephine Simon
William Smith
Will Sweeney
Sabrina Tabby
Johnny Thakkar
Phillippa Thompson
George Tsontakis
Jennifer Undercofler
Dawn Upshaw
Ross Vedder
Paul Vershbow
Alex Weiser
James Wengler
Eli Wirtschafter
Fanny Wyrick-Flax

Additional support for Contemporaneous is provided by the Aaron Copland Fund for Music, the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, the Alice M. Ditson Fund of Columbia University, and the New Music USA NYC New Music Impact Fund. Support through New Music USA’s NYC New Music Impact Fund is made possible with funding from The Scherman Foundation's Katharine S. and Axel G. Rosin Fund.