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Fifth Veil

Monday, January 17, 2011 | 8:00 pm
Club Helsinki | Hudson, NY
Free and open to the public

Building on the success of our first collaboration with Fifth Veil in their debut performance, Contemporaneous is very excited to join the band again to co-present a show at Club Helsinki, a fantastic new venue that presents a huge variety of performances.

Fifth Veil channels a rugged mysticism. One moment, their music is expansive and otherworldly, the next, intimate and earthly. The listener travels to surprising sonic worlds: the band derives metal riffs from the odd-meters of Eastern European folk music, abstracts tight-knit vocal harmonies from medieval church choirs, and raises towering ridges of experimental rock. The luminous voice of lead singer John Boggs is a lantern... - follow it as a guide through dark wastelands, narrow canyons, and snowy mountain passes.

Composer and singer Gabrielle Herbst is known for combining traditional notation with graphic scores and improvisation. The music is sensory and imagistic, pursuing an intimacy between instruments and voices, audience and spatial environment. Members of Contemporaneous join Fifth Veil and Gabrielle Herbst to bring you this concert.


Fifth Veil: Song set (2009-2010)

Prairies to Canyons
Across the Mesa
Sun Flood
The in Between 
Spanish Dagger

Gabrielle Herbst (b. 1986): Stormy Goggles (2009)

† World premiere

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