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Fifth Veil Album Release


Thursday, May 19, 2011 | 8:00 pm
Featuring Fifth Veil, Contemporaneous, and Kalmia Quartet
Club Helsinki | Hudson, NY

Throughout the 2011-2012 concert season, Contemporaneous has had the incredible honor of performing with Fifth Veil on three occasions, each of their live performances to date. We have seen them grow musically, write new songs, make changes to existing songs, and we have undoubtedly grown with them.

Now, after two years of writing, practicing, performing, recording, mixing, and promoting, Fifth Veil releases its debut album, Lanterns, in a show at at Club Helsinki, a fantastic new venue in Hudson, New York that presents a huge variety of performances. Contemporaneous is honored and excited to join the band in a show in which we will join them in two of their songs and perform a string quartet by their lead singer, John Boggs. The dazzling Kalmia Quartet will also amaze with a performance of band member Conor Brown's Caldera Blossoms.

Fifth Veil channels a rugged mysticism. One moment, their music is expansive and otherworldly, the next, intimate and earthly. The listener travels to surprising sonic worlds: the band derives metal riffs from the odd-meters of Eastern European folk music, abstracts tight-knit vocal harmonies from medieval church choirs, and raises towering ridges of experimental rock. The luminous voice of lead singer John Boggs is a lantern... — follow it as a guide through dark wastelands, narrow canyons, and snowy mountain passes.


Fifth Veil: Song set (2009-2011)
John Boggs (b. 1986): Gemini Montes (2009/2010) — performed by Contemporaneous
Conor Brown (b. 1988): Caldera Blossoms — performed by Kalmia Quartet