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Different Trains


Saturday, April 23, 2011 | 8:00 pm
Hudson Opera House, West Room | Hudson, NY
Free and open to the public

With string quartets by two of the great composers of our time, this program of new music explores creation, humanity, movement, and, of course, trains. Inspired by the myth of the Greek earth goddess Gaia, Stacy Garrop's String Quartet No. 3 is a lively evocation of the creation of the world. Steve Reich's timelessly beautiful work Different Trains questions the very concept of the string quartet. With sounds and spirits of survivors of the Holocaust, the piece is a meaningful meditation on the human soul.


Stacy Garrop (b. 1969): String Quartet No. 3, GAIA (2008)

– Intermission –

Steve Reich (b. 1936): Different Trains (1988)