Contemporaneous VISIONARIES

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We invite you to become a member of Contemporaneous VISIONARIES, a monthly contribution program that helps to sustain our innovative work. VISIONARIES are brought up-close and personal with our artists’ creative process.

Contemporaneous commissions bold new work from exciting composers, and we invite you to support and witness first-hand the wonder of a new piece of music coming into being — from first idea, through months or years of hard work, culminating in a collective experience of sound and sight and motion.

To become a Contemporaneous VISIONARY, simply pledge to a tax-deductible monthly contribution, and we will bring you with us to the cutting edge of creation.

Membership Levels

CREATOR — $5 per month

  • Priority access to the Contemporaneous Salon series

EXPLORER — $10 per month

  • A downloadable recording of an excerpt from every Contemporaneous presentation

  • For each new Contemporaneous commission, a personal video from the composer telling you about their plans for the new work that you’ve helped bring to life

  • All of the above benefits

ADVENTURER — $25 per month

  • Invitations to a private rehearsal, where new works are brought to vivid life

  • All of the above benefits

TRAILBLAZER — $50 per month

  • Invitation to a private meet and greet with a featured composer and artistic directors of Contemporaneous

  • All of the above benefits

Membership donations are 100% tax deductible and are paid automatically each month.