Bonus Episode

Two songs from Finnegan Shanahan's The Two Halves


This bonus episode features two songs from the heart of The Two Halves, Finnegan Shanahan's lush and driving record: The Giant Sleeps and the title song The Two Halves.

The Two Halves was released by New Amsterdam Records in 2016 and features Shanahan performing with Contemporaneous. You can find the whole thing on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Spotify. Imagination Radio Episode 6 takes a deep dive into the story and inspirations of The Two Halves, and even gives a cartographer’s perspective on the music. You can find that episode here.

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Music in this episode

  • Finnegan Shanahan: from The Two Halves (2015): The Giant Sleeps and The Two Halves — Finnegan Shanahan & Contemporaneous