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The Unusual Suspects


Saturday, February 26, 2010 | 7:30 pm
A collaborative concert with fourbythree
Turtle Bay Music School | New York City
Free and open to the public

Since Contemporaneous and fourbythree came into contact, we found similarities in the identities of our ensembles and made plans to collaborate on a concert of performances by each of us. In planning such a concert, we wanted to play pieces that would complement each other and form a cohesive musical experience. From the get go, the music on which wanted to focus was obvious: How about now!

Founded in 2008 by students at Columbia University, fourbythree is an ensemble of rising musicians dedicated to bridging the gap between traditional repertoire, contemporary music, and works by emerging composers. The ensemble presents diverse and exciting repertoire spanning from the medieval to contemporary periods in a wide range of instrumentations.

In a program that features a huge variety of works written since 2005, Contemporaneous and fourbythree present a broad view of the music of now. To open the concert, Jeremy Podgursky's lucid chamber concerto leads into an evocative work by Ryan Beppel. A strand of cosmic music is punctuated by three young composers inspired to write about stars. Nico Muhly and Phil Kline offer fresh, funky pieces to close each half of the concert.


Jeremy Podgursky (b. 1975): Oh Dance! Oh Light! Onami! (2005/2007) – performed by Contemporaneous *
Ryan Beppel (b. 1987): Missed (2009) – performed by fourbythree
Gabriella Smith (b. 1991): Travelogue (2010) – performed by Contemporaneous *
Conor Brown (b. 1988): Constellation (2009) – performed by Contemporaneous *
Phil Kline (b. 1959): Tarantella (2006) – performed by fourbythree

– Intermission – 

Jiří Kadeřábek (b. 1978): The Tone of a Broken Harp, the Sound of a Snapped String (2010) – performed by fourbythree
John Boggs (b. 1986): Gemini Montes (2009/2010) – performed by Contemporaneous *
Alex Klein (b. 1990): Gemini (2010) – performed by fourbythree
Nico Muhly (b. 1981): How About Now (2006) – performed by Contemporaneous

* New York City premiere