Episode 3

What can/cannot music do?


Music can give us chills, move us to tears, make us dance, but what are the limits of what music can actually say?

Musical activist Eun Lee, neuroscientist Ani Patel, and opera/theater director Ashley Tata contribute their thoughts on this question.

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Episode 3 Guests


Eun Lee, clarinetist, activist, and Executive Director of The Dream Unfinished


Ani Patel, neuroscientist, Professor at Tufts University


Ashley Tata, opera/theater director

Music in this episode

  • Dylan Mattingly: from Stranger Love (2018): Point Judith — Contemporaneous

  • Chevalier de Saint-Georges: TBD

  • Claudio Monteverdi from L´Orfeo (1607): Vi ricorda, o boschi ombrosi — Nora Fischer, voice & Marnix Dorrestein, electric guitar

  • Krists Auznieks: from And Flowers Showered: TBD — Contemporaneous

  • Janelle Monáe: TBD (2018)