Prufrock's Dilemma interviews with co-artistic directors David Bloom and Dylan Mattingly

Susan Scheid interviews Contemporaneous co-artistic directors Dylan Mattingly in This Composing Life and David Bloom in This Conducting Life on her blog Prufrock's Dilemma. Check it out!


There has never been a better time for a composer to live in flesh and blood than today. As quickly as the world is shrinking, the number of things that artists can express is growing, so composers today can’t help but write about their current experience.
— David Bloom
Personally, I don’t want to write music unless I have something to say with it. I’m not willing to go so far as to make that a prescriptive statement, as there’s plenty of great music that isn’t meant to be about anything at all, although I would argue that that music is an all-encompassing act of expression, rather than a specific one.
— Dylan Mattingly