I Care If You Listen review for "DON'T EVEN"

Sam Reising reviews our most recent show in I Care If You Listen. The show was DON'T EVEN on February 11, 2013 in New York City, featuring music by Sean Friar, Jeremy Podgursky, Andrew Norman, and David Lang. Check it out!

For such a young ensemble, Contemporaneous is fantastic. Led by conductor David Bloom, the ensemble never seems to miss a beat. They are simply a group of amazing young players led by an enthusiastic and inspiring young conductor. It is exciting to see how far they have come in the short time they have been around, and it’s even more exciting to wonder where they will go in the next couple of years. If things continue the way they’re headed, it’s easy to say Contemporaneous will become a major part of the new music scene in New York City.
— Sam Reising