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For composers and artists who dream in music:

Contemporaneous is looking for your wildest, most unwieldy, impossible ideas. The ones you might come up with late at night and then tell yourself to forget in the morning because they could never exist. If you dream of something that you could create if only you had enough time or money or could find people who care as much as you do, we want to hear about it. If you've written something that does not fit into the framework of expectations for new music — whether it's absurdly long or difficult or impossible-to-market — but you know that it will have a profound effect on those who experience it... we want to help bring it into being.

 Please email us at to share with us the musical work that you really want to spend your time doing.

Contemporaneous is devoted to expanding the imagination through music and collaborative art-forms (and forms of art not yet invented). It is our mission to help you bring about the most meaningful dreams that you do not think possible to realize, through the unquenchably open-minded spirit of our 21 incredible musicians and the full force of our artistic and development team. Please be daring as you imagine the future— we promise to respond with the seriousness your ideas deserve, no matter how crazy or impossible they may sound.