NOW HIRING: Production and Finance Manager

To apply, please email us at info@contemporaneous.org, with a cover letter and resumé/bio attached as PDF.

Job Description

About Contemporaneous: Contemporaneous is an ensemble of 21 musicians whose mission is to bring to life the music of now. Recognized for their “ferocious, focused performance” (The New York Times) and “passionate drive...setting an extremely high bar for other ensembles to live up to” (I Care If You Listen), Contemporaneous performs and promotes the most exciting work of living composers through innovative concerts, commissions, recordings, and educational programs. Read more at contemporaneous.org.

Summary: The Production and Finance Manager is a part-time position in a growing organization. The individual in this position is responsible for providing administrative support to the Executive and Artistic Directors by participating in day-to-day operations as well as providing project-based production oversight for the organization’s programs.

Requirements: The ideal candidate should have the following:

  • Prior experience in concert production, preferably in large ensemble settings.

  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills.

  • Superior organizational skills.

  • Management, delegation, and leadership skills.

  • Ability to work independently and prioritize work.

  • Creative problem solving skills.

  • Excellent technical skills, including knowledge of the Google Drive Suite and Intuit QuickBooks.

Contemporaneous seeks a dedicated collaborator who is interested in the ensemble’s work and excited to work with a growing organization in a position that itself may also grow.

Responsibilities: The Production and Finance Manager has overall responsibility for oversight and administration of the organization’s programs (performances, recordings, and educational projects) and finances (budgeting, payments and invoices, accounting, and reporting). Duties include the following:


  • Personnel Management:

    • Manage and contract artistic and technical personnel for all Contemporaneous projects, based on the organization’s call list and the instructions of the Executive and Artistic Directors.

    • Create and manage rehearsal, technical, and travel schedules.

    • Manage production teams for each project, overseeing third-party personnel in such areas as:

      • Sound

      • Lighting

      • Video

      • Documentation

      • Stage management

      • Marketing

      • Programs

  • Technical:

    • Prepare technical riders and stage plots.

    • Communicate production needs with presenters.

    • Determine equipment and space needs and book rentals.

    • Manage library needs for each project, delegating where need be.

  • Production Oversight:

    • Oversee production budgets and timelines.

    • Create post-project reports, detailing the final budget, attendance and ticket sales, and improvements to be made in the future.

  • Miscellaneous: Other tasks, as assigned from time to time by the Executive and Artistic Directors.


  • Budgeting:

    • In conjunction with the Executive and Artistic Directors, develop project and long-term budgets based on historical data as well as artistic and strategic plans.

    • Manage organizational cash flow and forecasting.

  • Payments and Invoices:

    • Approve all expenses and administer payments, including personnel, production, and administrative expenses.

    • Issue invoices on contracts for which the organization is owed payment.

    • Oversee an employee payroll system in accordance with local, state, and federal law.

    • Collect and securely file all legally necessary forms for payments.

  • Accounting:

    • Log all expenses and income in a timely and accurate manner in the organization’s online accounting system.

    • Oversee all financial, project, and grants accounting.

  • Reporting:

    • Create quarterly and annual financial reports in an accurate and timely manner.

    • Monitor progress and changes and keep the staff abreast of the organization’s financial status.

    • Coordinate and lead the annual audit process, liaising with external auditors and the finance committee of the Board of Directors; assess any changes necessary.

    • Ensure that the financial data and cash flow are steady and support operational requirements.

  • Miscellaneous: Other tasks, as assigned from time to time by the Executive and Artistic Directors.

Starting Date: May 15, 2017

Work Schedule: The individual in this position will work 10 hours per week, primarily remotely. There will also be weekly meetings in New York City with the Co-Artistic Director and occasional telephone or in-person meetings with other staff and/or Board members. The individual in this position will also be required to be present at select functions of the organization in New York City.

Stipend: This position has a stipend of $5,200 per year, paid in semi-monthly sums.