Prufrock's Dilemma features Contemporaneous in year-end round-up

Susan Scheid of Prufrock's Dilemma writes about four Contemporaneous performances and recitals by Contemporaneous members Amy Garapic and Dávid Nagy in her post year-end wrap-up post.

It’s hard to single out any one Contemporaneous concert, as each is a jubilant occasion in its own right [...] The excitement and focused attention [in the audience] are palpable, and it makes all the difference.
— Susan Scheid, Prufrock's Dilemma
The challenges not only Mattingly, but also the performers of Contemporaneous, faced to arrive at the moment of performance were incalculable [...] the members of Contemporaneous turned in a superb performance of Mattingly’s spellbinding work.
— Susan Scheid, Prufrock's Dilemma